Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stupid days of spring have sprung...

In the madness that this year has already brought, I find my mind turning to higher thoughts, trying to sort out what it means to have lost my mom, turn the page on another very busy and complex year, and what it is to be getting older..

Of course, if I turn on the tv it all gets drowned out in the madness that is the political arena--where hats have been tossed with abandon lately by the likely and the completely unlikely-- Mitt Romney? And all my silent speculation on the state of the world goes right out the window. CNN keeps infuriating me, and I have to remember I was on a news embargo for a reason.

I suppose there is some interest for me in the Democratic side of things, with Obama, my ex-Senator, and Clinton jumping in. I'm not entirely sure, as I said a few months ago, whether as a nation we're more comfortable with racism or sexism, cause I have a feeling it ain't gonna be pretty in the coming months.

Contrariwise, Arizona continues to amaze me with its pigheaded tendencies, and it's frankly heave-inducing how bad news is in my corner of the state. Besides misspelling in the paper, tv news headlines are poorly-spelled and even more horribly thought out. John McCain continues on what seems to me to be now a rollercoaster to political oblivion--I don't feel he's made himself particularly relevent, and he might end up suffering from insufferable Joe Liebermanitis. NO ONE in the great political landscape (you know, not us bloggers) seems to be pushing intelligent leadership, though Raul Grijalva's missive was impressive. (Who the hell is the american patrol peeps who seem to have it out for him, by the way?)

Well, we're on our way to another election parade. I'll be watching with Shiner in hand and heart in throat.

Let us not also forget, as if we could, the sad spectacle of
Anna Nicole Smith's death, which is somehow a weirdly compelling tragedy. I feel sorry for her, which is completely unwarranted, but I do. It's ugly and sad, the post-death jockeying for what could be quite a fortune.

Death is supposed to be gentle and peaceful and somehow kind--and it's not, as far as I can see.