Saturday, May 02, 2009

The MS Mambo, Swine Flu Schottisce, and the Life Limbo

Just little ol MS brain me

100+ days of new prez (where did that come from? even Anne had a thousand days!), 5 days of antibiotics (no not for Swine-ish Flu), and nearing 3 full months of MS officially for me (shoudl I have a party?). So how is it all going?

I will say this-- I am only glad I'm in AZ still because the Barrow NI in Phoenix fills me with confidence. Well yes, I'm on avonex now (1 shot a week! Yay! But intramuscular- waaaahh...) instead of trial drug, bu that will come, the MRIs are looking okay, and I love my MS crew up there. Big up to Mia!

Nationally, I can't say I'm filled with great honking excitement. I'm glad something seems to be going on economically and at least people believe something is happening, unemployment claims dropped suddenly, the water is still clean and hey, the man in charge in DC seems to look a LOT less like a deer in the headlights. will he get single payer passed? Well hell, we shall see....

Strep throat snuck up on me... seems instead of the N1H1--or is it R2D2?-- I got a good old strep infection that's knocking me out. Makes even more fun the weekly avonex shot. I felt like I hadbeen run over by about 8pm last night. But oddly, I still feel ill and rather weak. I have been so out of it thru exhaustion or illness that I hadn't been online since April 20th. Bad blogger/emailer/friend!

The merry dances life has been leading me on are really tiring. Unfortunately, I can't seem to bring myself to stop the waltz. "Oh life is better left to chance/I could have missed the pain/ But I'd have had to miss the dance." (cheesily, I admit it's from a Garth Brooks song). I hope the global dance isn't St Vitus'.