Thursday, August 30, 2007

So why is there even still a republican party?

How many times does the Party Formerly Known As Lincoln's need to show the awful underbelly of its putative moral/family values?

I don't wanna bash any closeted man, for it's not an easy road to be a closet case in a public job, but when bonehead anti-gay-voting Idaho senators act stupid, then pull a Senator's business card and reportedly say "What do you think of that?", I agree with Andrew Sullivan-- he's being a bastard, he's not being persecuted.

Of course, some of us are waiting to see how the Dems will screw up handling all this and put another hawkish repuglican in the White House

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Echoing major concerns/anger

Minuteman idiocy
I leave off blogging to tend to my own self for a while... then this on the joy of you tube.

Does it surprise me? No. You can still find the video game online(see Wired article)in which you get extra points for offing either "minorities" or non-Christians (two separate games, as I remember). Some straight white christian males, frankly the cause of much pain and agony in this world throughout history, still seem to think at times (and yes, I'm generalizing the heck out of the issue here, so big whoop) that the world really is white. And male. And those who ain't, are meant to serve.

I ask you, WHERE do the unenlightened bigots among us still get the idea that it's true? Worse, how is it that the concept gets perpetuated even in places with a majority brown/black/Asian population?

It's beyond time to rise up, people. We can only be killed once, and I at least believe I'll be back in the next life for another round of Paz y Justicia!

An emperor yet again without clothes

A while ago, I linked a pic I found of a nude Bush and Putin playing chess with apparently the world as pieces... and then this today:Putin' on the fish

I ask you-- do we DARE ask our president to be photographed shirtless? Reminds me of the old idea of putting all the world leaders in a boxing ring together and letting the one left over rule. Then again, perhaps Putin is just reminding us that it's good to be the king-- er, Russian leader.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Yes, I'm aware I haven't posted much

Let's just say the wheels of education grind on, and often grind right over one.

Notes to remember for the future-- never underestimate bureauocracy; always save!; remember to post on the rats leaving the sinking ship in a panic (Karl Rove, anyone?); remember that I love my job, even if I do not love this state.

There. I will be more political later. Peace out and love to the mundo del blog!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weary agreement once again with horrors...

Brother ManEegee over at -------> has written several very nice posts about the rising death toll along the border, and the reactionary, ignorant, or just plain STOOPID attitudes of a particularly virulent kind of racist. Sadly, I have to agree again with his take on the issue, in particular the stupidity of "angled-sexless" people whose own relatives hauled their puking, syphilitic carcasses into the new world to end up oppressing other people. Ain't democracy grand?

But truly, we're not a democracy, we're a Republic, and we are also one that at times is prone to hysterical acts of voting via our own punctured sense of invulnerability. We have a piss-poor educational system which tests more than encourages, demands accountability with no support, and frankly couldn't take a poor Polish student in a fair math fight. How can we possibly expect our popluace to vote on issues of incredible importance? Maybe my mama was right, bless her soul, when she voted based on personal appeal. She theorized that at least they would be NICE while screwing ya over.

So, frankly, why DO we care of the voice of the ignorant masses? Because, sometimes they are us, and we know we need to be heard. I would hope, though, that we would endeavor to be a bit more enlightened than those wishing or condoning death of human beings. Hell, I'll challenge that one person to define for me what "riddance" means!

(Just in case: "riddance
• noun- the action of getting rid of someone or something.
— PHRASES good riddance expressing relief at being rid of someone or something."
(Pax The Compact Oxford Dictionary)

Peace and Love, y'all