Monday, April 26, 2010

The Monday morning round up

Sigh. I hate Arizona.

That enuf of a round up?

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday Night Lite-Blog

Well, another week of successfully living, such as it is! I have to admit that as it gets hotter here in the desert southwest, I'm likely to be getting very tired, somewhat cranky, and overwhelmingly upset with MS. I know it wouldn't be better if I were back home in Texas-- there, it would be hot AND humid. However, at least I would feel a little more relaxed.

Today was the first time I felt some real exhaustion slam down on me all of a sudden-- I was planning on going to a friend's 21st birthday party, but all of a sudden I just felt like hell. Warm, dizzy hell.

So it's good that this coming week I get to look over my health care, AND we get to add the husbear to the insurance... for 420 dollars a month. SHITE! I do hope that at least the lifetime cap disappears, though the paperwork still looks as thankless and graceless as always. But given how much OOP rates are-- Bear's medical is costing more than mine! (Thank you, clinical trial!!!) It is sickly ridiculous how frightening it is not to have medical care. For a long time, I've thought some kind of social health care system would be valuable here. I think at times our individualism streak in the US makes us bloody pigheaded and useless. We cannot seem to see or do anything in moderation, from eating to technology. Texting addiction, hello! :)

Ah well. The weekend hold more heat, some yardwork to be done, and a lot of grumbling about the state of the state.

And how are things on YOUR side?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

O. M. G.: Monsters vs. Aliens

HL and Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.

OK, clearly I like Hugh Laurie, and 'tis a reason to watch "Monsters vs. Aliens", but O.M.G. I really enjoyed the film! The more one has seen the old monster films (The Fly, Black Lagoon, etc) the better it is, and it is WILDLY funny and very well-written. And a bit violent. Hrm. Yes, a little bit violent.

My favorite lines? "O. M. G." and "My PhD is in... DANCE!!", both courtesy Dr Cockroach. All the major characters are quite good, though, very quirky. Of course, the huge insectosaurus totally is a rip off of Mothra, and it's perfect! My one regret is that I didn't see it in 3D at the theaters.

Still and all, totally enjoyable and took my mind off work and knee twinges. Am hoping no pseudo-exacerbations are on the way, since that would be major suckage. It's bad enough that Arizona summer is icumen in, loudly sing cucoo. We've started to hit the AC now, given that it is getting above 80 or so. I do NOT deal well with heat!

Onward into the week, dear friends! Or plug up the..erm.. hole... with our English papers...

Friday, April 09, 2010

Obligatory cat roll-call...

What? Too much coffee?

Oh yes.. nothing like the morning dose of javajava... one of the things most definitely do not share with my four-legged kids. At present, two of them are racing about with abandon, legs flying every which way, fur floating in the air...

I suppose I should be glad, since we have four cats and three dogs and four more ghosts in the house.

This is Casy:The Enforcer
Casy enjoys being fluffy, enforcing the peace, and watching the doves outside. He is 8 years old this May, and was a 2-week old orphan whom I adopted at 10 weeks or so. We believe he's part or all Norwegian Forest cat, and my Icelandic friend thinks so too!

Clawdius Maximus Cattus:The 20lb orange love muffin
What to say about Clawd? He's big, long, cross-eyed, and VERY, very patient and calm! Which is good. He's also diabetic, so he gets shots and tests every day. His much smaller kitten-sibs love Clawd. However, he has been known to give a hard smack to interlopers. More on THEM in a later post! He, like all our others, is adopted but carries no grudge about that. He does, however, use a huge plastic storage box for a litter box. Big boy.

Well, prolly enough cat poundage for now! Happy weekend!

Ah yes! It must be the weekend! *GALLOP, GALLOP, GALLOP*

FDA approved walking drug for MS!

Well, we know it's not everything, the ol' FDA approval, but hey! An ORAL drug for MS that isn't an herb!

This is excellent news for anyone, prolly, with walking difficulties, etc. Check out the link if you haven't already.

I do hope all are well out there. It's beginning to look a lot like Summer in Arizona, which of course means my fashionable ice vest soon. Yaaaayyyy.....

FDA drug for MS walking difficulties