Sunday, March 11, 2012


My first attempt at MS fundraising!

So this week is MS Awareness Week, and a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try and fundraise for MS-- I do Zumba, which has been really great for balance and exercise, so it seemed logical to have a Zumba Party to benefit MS. My Zumba instructor is absolutely awesome, and I managed to get the close middle school to donate the space.

These benefits do pretty well in this area, but I'm a novice at advertising this kind of party, and I'm hoping we are able to have a lot of fun but raise some money as well. Yes, it falls on March 17th, but we've got some high hopes that since it goes from 4-6, that people will want to work out before seriously partying :)

The above is the poster, and I love it... I love how they have the information there, and I love how dynamic it is. Regardless of how many people come, I am sure I'll raise more money than penny-drives! :)