Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I dont heart AZ

Well, back at the grind teaching for summer... having just spent time in Tennessee. Green hills, mountains, rivers.. and more funding per capita of education! Yay!

Looking at AZ again after a vacation is... well, it's kinda sad. I'm disappointed in it, and my sister who was visiting for a week from Texas was also disappointed. I came up with "God hated AZ so much he ripped a big hole right thru it!". Ha ha..

Down here, though, a man has been arrested for the murder of Amancio Corrales about 2 years ago. It's about bloody time.

Nationally, I'm not really sure what to make of the new immigration bill news. We'll reform immigration but not before tougher security? When are people gonna remember Oklahoma City and worry about our own homegrown nutcases?

Sigh. I'm back.. and it ain't pretty:)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

UC Davis Illegal Immigrant Catch the Flag game

From a listserv I'm on, about a stupid game. Oy... OY!!! However, in a breezy sense of good news, there was a protest! First, the email... then the news on the protest...


>>>> Dear Faculty and Staff,
>>>> I just wanted to inform everyone on a "game" that the Davis College
>>>> Republicans have decided to play tomorrow, May 1st @ 12pm in the MU
>>>> Quad.
>>>> The "game" is titled "Illegal Immigration Capture the Flag" and
>>>> it's
>>>> purpose is to have a team dressed as INS and another dressed as
>>>> "illegals."
>>>> How ironic that they have chosen to play this "game" during La Raza
>>>> Cultural Days and on May 1st, the day of the worker and of the
>>>> Immigrant.
>>>> MEChA and many many other student organizations that feel this is a
>>>> horrible mockery of everything that immigrants have done for this
>>>> country,
>>>> will be holding a peaceful counter- protest to show that what they
>>>> think is
>>>> "funny" is totally unacceptable. On behalf of MEChA, I invite
>>>> you to
>>>> join
>>>> us in solidarity. Gracias.
>>>> ::Below is an excerpt of what was posted on facebook::
>>>> Hey All!! DCR is sponsoring a rousing game of Illegal Immigration
>>>> Capture the Flag!
>>>> When: Tuesday, May 1st (tomorrow)
>>>> Time: 12:30-2 (drop by whenever you can!)
>>>> Where: The Quad
>>>> We will be playing Capture the Flag with two teams: The INS and the
>>>> Illegal Immigrants. The trick is that the INS will have their hands
>>>> tied behind their backs, the Illegal Immigrants team will vastly
>>>> outnumber the INS team, and every 10 minutes the Illegals caught
>>>> will
>>>> be granted amnesty and set free.

Then:The Protest

'Illegal Immigration Capture the Flag' thwarted by protesters
UC Davis administration 'disappointed' in Davis College Republicans, official says
By: Bo Hee Kim
Issue date: 5/2/07 Section: Campus News

To the delight of some and the disgust of others, Davis College Republicans organized a satirical game of "Illegal Immigration Capture the Flag" on the Quad on Tuesday afternoon.

Members of DCR assembled on the Quad for the game, but never were able to play as protesters surrounded and blocked their paths.

The game was to be played with two teams: "Team INS" and "Team Illegal Immigrants." In a message forwarded to the members of DCR, "The trick is that the INS will have their hands tied behind their backs, the Illegal Immigrants team will vastly outnumber the INS team, and every 10 minutes the Illegals caught will be granted amnesty and set free."

With the cement walkway in the Quad as "the border," teams were to assemble opposite from each other, with Team INS playing defense the entire time, according to the game rules. While DCR was assembling for the game, other protests concerning immigration, military action in Iraq and contracting out food-service workers were in full swing on the Memorial Union Patio.

According to bystander Kyle Flick, a junior political science major at UC Davis, the capture-the-flag game never played out.

"People from the rally came over with concerns with the DCR activity," Flick said. "After the main group of the rally walked straight through DCR, a smaller group stayed behind and surrounded DCR. The smaller group kept growing, though."

Flick went on to say that DCR members were outnumbered more than 2 to 1....
(see full account at link above of the protest)

Well. An interesting day of news! Geez... and people WONDER why I've never really been a Republican voter. Party of Lincoln my ass. I wonder what they were thinking... probably whatever white frat boys in blackface think on their parade floats.

Even down TX way, there are fencin' questions...

I'm impressed. Texas spends more money on education (and executions!) than AZ, AND they're willing to say "hey... you know this fence thing? STUPID!!"

(from Guardian.uk.com)
Texas Officials Criticize Fence Plan
Wednesday May 2, 2007 10:16 PM


Associated Press Writer

McALLEN, Texas (AP) - A new map showing President Bush's planned border fence has riled Rio Grande Valley officials, who say the proposed barrier reneges on assurances that the river would remain accessible to farmers, wildlife and recreation.

City officials in the heavily populated valley had anticipated a ``virtual'' fence of surveillance cameras and border patrols.

Instead, a Customs and Border Protection map depicts a structure running piecemeal along a 600-mile stretch of Texas from Presidio to Brownsville, a border region where daily life is binational.

``We were given the impression that they were not going to be building walls, that there would be more cameras, surveillance, boots on the ground,'' said Mike Allen, head of McAllen Economic Development Corp.

``This is going to seriously affect the farmers,'' he said. ``They will not have access to water. It's just going to create bedlam.''

The map, obtained by The Associated Press, was attached to a memo addressed to ``Dear Texas Homeland Security Partner.'' It outlines a plan to build 370 miles of fence and 200 miles of vehicle barriers, such as concrete barriers, by the end of 2008.

Of the 370 miles of fence, Texas is to have 153, Arizona 129, California 76, and New Mexico 12. Most of the vehicle barriers will be in Arizona and New Mexico.

Russ Knocke, a spokesman for Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, said that the so-called virtual fence won't work in urban areas and that the federal government has delivered a consistent message to local officials.

``We are utilizing traditional fencing at the border generally in those areas including metropolitan areas where it is easier for an alien ... to conceal themselves in a home or a business,'' he said.

Agents would use technology including sensors, radar and aerial drones in remote border areas, Knocke said.

Environmentalists fear the fence will block Rio Grande water access to endangered cats such as ocelots and jaguarundi and ruin key feeding and resting areas for migratory birds.

Environmental assessments are being conducted, but border security outweighs such concerns, Knocke said.

``For more than two decades this has been a problem that has been bubbling up,'' he said. ``There's an expectation by the American people that we secure our borders.''

Chertoff has already waived requirements to get permits in environmentally sensitive areas in order to expedite construction, Knocke said.

Hidalgo County Judge J.D. Salinas said the fence would damage the regional economy, which thrives on cross-border commerce.

Mexicans cross daily to make bank deposits, buy real estate, shop and work - activities Salinas said would be threatened by the ill feelings generated in Mexico by the fence.

``Irrigation, that's one concern,'' Salinas said. ``The other is the indirect message you're sending to you neighbor to the south.''

President Bush called for 700 miles of fence during his national address last May on immigration reform, and Congress approved it. Of the $1.2 billion Congress approved, at least $400 million has been released.

The new Democratic majority in Congress could modify the law or withhold funding, Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar said.

``It's going to be difficult, but we're sure going to do everything we can,'' he said.

Texas' senators, both Republicans, said they expected federal officials to heed local concerns.

``I would be very concerned if they are not being listened to,'' said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. ``We should have local input, and private property rights should be taken into account.''

Sen. John Cornyn said he would ``insist that local officials, property owners and stakeholders have a voice in how we ultimately secure the border.''

Cornyn said he and Hutchison had tried to require local input in legislation authorizing the fence but failed.

McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez doubts a fence would be effective. He said he has seen people forming human ladders and jumping off international bridges into the United States in full daylight and within view of agents.

``No physical wall is going to keep people from coming in,'' he said. ``The core of the problem is an economic issue. We have integrated all of the markets in North America, but we have failed to integrate the labor market. It's the market forces that are bringing people here to work.''

Officials said Chertoff had assured them they would be consulted before any fence went up.

``We met with Secretary Chertoff and we were given a commitment that he would talk to the locals before building a wall, so we're surprised that this is happening,'' Salinas said. ``We feel there is already a structure there, which is the Rio Grande river.''

That's it... Dennis Kucinich is my man.

Long time gone, much of it spent grieving--losing a parent, especially after knowing only one, is a terrifically horrible thing. I do not suggest it. You don't really know how vulnerable you still are until grief hits. Unpleasant.

But it's gotten worse with the news and the recent veto shootout, and i'm tossing in my towel and saying i'm gonna back Dennis Kucinich. I hope that the powers (straight old[er] white men) that be are wise in their choice for candidates, but as a registered independent, I'm tired of the incredibly vicious, hoary, and bleh political campaigns. I'm ill over it. John McCain makes me ill. And while it is a little exciting, Barack Obama has only slightly better than a snowball's chance in hell. I love me some Hillary Clinton, but I think this country is still too sexist. So I'm gonna push for Kucinich.

Like Wactivist, I was a heavy Dean supporter, and before that I chose wisely (after much research and soul-searching) to back Nader. I don't regret either. Our beknighted country is so due for a change... and it has to be a big one. I think, and I've even met the man when my labor union went to lobby day, that he is smart, perhaps even wise, experienced, and for once in politics... sigh... honorable. Check out the youtube site (as the regular site is being revamped).

I'm serious. Rarely have I felt so ill about the path of the nation. It's like we take a step forward to becoming, I don't know, maybe we aspire to being Sweden, and all we end up doing is buying Ikea. It's all surface. Let's rock some change!!

And of course, should Obama or Clinton actually GET the dem nom, and it's a two horse race, I'm voting Barack or Honorable Hillary C.