Tuesday, February 17, 2015


...kinda works... this revamp of Avonex is only taken 2x a month (every 14 days), and interestingly the side effects (flu-like feelings) seem to extend longer than the one you inject once a week!

Go figure. But I started it in Dec 2014, and I guess it's working okay. I've developed more irritating physical issues (neuropathy, muscle aches) but my mind seems clearer. Also, the newness of it somehow means I can get it generally free from the drug maker for now (based on income, etc), so really other than the shock of the new, what have I to worry about? :)

I guess everything is stable, though I may be developing other issues concerning neck nerves--lots of irritation on right side. Icing it for an hour before sleeping helped, though!  We'll see what my "new" primary care person says about it--I have not been to a primary care dr since I got back to Texas, except for an 'urgent' issue of infection.  I guess it was overdue to find one.  Really, aren't neurologists generally the primary care doctors for MSers?

**Update-- as of October 2015, I came off Plegridy-- joint pain, anger issues were getting waaaay too much! I'm gonna hope for Ocrelizumab in 2016--I was in the Phase II clinical trial for that and it was WONDERFUL.