Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Going to pot? (sorry...)

So it's clearly been too long, during which time I've gotten a temporary title and money raise, and for the most part my MS has been manageable except for recent muscle weakness issues.

However, among other interesting developments, AZ, my state of residence, has legalized the use of medical marijuana, and spasms such as in MS are one of the specific reasons to request use.  Will I request? I'm not sure, but I will say that I am annoyed by the difficulty of dealing with pain and spasms without falling asleep after taking clonazepam.

I'm not anti drug at all. I'm not even pro-pot per se.  But I have been very fortunate post-clinical trial to be generally okay.  Zumba still helps keep me moving, but Ican feel that weakness creeping up on my legs.  I'm a lot slower-moving now than a week ago, just to not keel over when my knee goes.  I carry a cane just in case.  I'm pretty damn lucky, as well as incredibly stubborn and determined.

At least MM would not be invasive surgery, or an implanted pump, or other medical temporary solutions to spasms and pain.  I'm just not really sure how I would feel using MM and being paranoid, even if protected by law, of being 'caught' with it.

Oh well. We shall see what my pain management neuro has to say about the issue. I bet he'll poke me with an acupuncture needle...:)