Friday, March 20, 2009

Annnnd the update!

4 mos since surgery, which is healing well, and five shots into a MS control regimen. I've never shot ANYTHING into myself (sorry, all you radical types), so this was weird. The idea of the permanence of the MS came home the first time I had to self-inject. It is VERY odd to feel so mortal!

Of course, about the same time I started this stuff stem cells were released from their bondage and we shall see who they can help out. I'm confident in science enough to hope for some progress, but also know some researchers have already developed new ways to tease stem cells into change. I would suggest people who still have issues with it watch as their MRIs show huge gaps in brain tissue, some of which well might become irreversibly damaged.

Is it a brand new day for America? f**K if I know. The world has gotten both smaller and bigger, and more tiring. My favorite MS slogan now is "You can have my handicapped parking spot if you take my disability with it!" Or, more simply, "F**k MS."

My political interests have gotten smaller-- to the point I really want to move into disability advocacy (as I once did for HIV/ AIDS) and try to help people who are stuck in the crack of our crappy medical system. But please don't get me wrong. I ADORE my MS docs and nurses and all the fine folks in PHX who really helped get my diagnosis straight (it's not leprosy.. it's not AIDS... it's not coccidiosis...).

May all your days be merry and painfree and oh yeah, may you always remember the right word!