Monday, May 13, 2013

MS Hugs are not for Wimps.

Clearly the gods and goddesses of the MS wilds have shat on me again. I spent a month and a half with what I finally realized was the first instance of the "MS hug".  Oddly, it was mostly on the right side, and I and others thought i might have torn my rotator cuff. Nothing really helped, but it finally settled down. Now I'm a little aphasic now and then and have trouble spelling at times. ALWAYS fun.

World MS day is closing in and I guess I don't have anything going on, since we raised money via Zumba for MS. The proceeds, almost 500, went to the Barrow neurological foundation at St Joseph's in PHX. I do admit, though, that I'm ready to leave the hospital when I move to Texas-- both my original MS doc and the replacement neuro have left the hospital.  Indeed, my original doc leaving is really what unlocked the doors to me getting the hell out.  Right now I'm trying to manage with my neuro in town, who is actually going to go back to school in July, and so he'll be leaving.  I think I will ask him if he would prescribe modafinil, as frankly, I'm hating the brain fog and general debility.  It's been an exhausting year so far, and the job has certainly not helped!

In any event, I'm going to have to manage my stress better-- this job ends 6/30 and technically I'll be job and check-less until about Aug 15th. Lovely.  We do plan to move either July or December away from this forsaken place, job or not.  Let's see how that works out-- i mean, there are always clinical trials, right?