Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stupid things people say about MS

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(I'm not sure what the stupidest thing is I've heard, but I think most of the stupid things have to do with people thinking I'm going to die from MS tomorrow, and others offering some dope-ass cure ideas [parsley? really??]. Read on and snicker in empathy. Oh, and happy World Cup!)

June 10, 2010
People Say the STUPIDIST [sic] Things (About MS)

While , “But you look so good…” may be intended as a compliment (or at least a deflector) coming from someone talking about your multiple sclerosis, there are other things that people say that is downright mean. Whether or not it is intended, people can say some pretty hurtful things about (or actually TO) those of us living with MS.

While I must admit that the most offensive thing anyone has ever said to me was along the line of, “You don’t really need that cane; do you?”; in a recent article in the National MS Society’s Momentum magazine I read evidence of some pretty awful stuff that people can say.

Sure, we could chalk some of it up to ignorance, some comments up to fear and some a deflection device for their own “stuff”. Some of it, however, is nothing but people being just plain mean – The remark made to one of my commenters, Jan, about using a handicapped parking space was a perfect example of someone being nothing more than a complete ass!

Most of you know that we try to focus on the more productive in these pages. Once in a while, however, it’s ok to talk about the darker side.

As I unpack from one trip, only to launder my clothes for a jaunt back east tomorrow, I just can’t get this article out of my craw. From insensitive employers and coworkers to verbally abusive spouses, there is NO reason that we should put up with such comments.

The only way I can deal with these thoughts right now, I guess, is with an indigent, snorting laugh. “Some people’s kids…” So, rather than simply for the pity of it, I’d like to ask you for the pure pleasure of the humor only those who have been there can appreciate; What is the meanest thing / worst thing / stupidest thing that anyone has ever said about your MS?

Let’s all laugh at those people for their assumptions of us.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to party with the tofu!!!

Protein helpful in restoring myelin?

I'm psyched about this article, which discusses the result of research into protein: "A protein that helps build the brain in infants and children may aid efforts to restore damage from multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found."

OK, so it was in EAE, but hey! We tofu-eating vegetarians perhaps really do have a leg up on MS in general. No Omega-3 oils for me except from flaxseed, but I am a total protein junkie, big time. I do know that fatty acids are prevalent in myelin, and one of my neuros keeps pushing the fishy stuff on me, but I'm not biting (heh) just yet. There is a veggie omega-3 out, made from the algae fish eat to make their omega-3, but I just haven't ordered off the net yet. I should prolly do that sometime soon.

In other news, it's hotter n hell out here in crAZy-- hit about 108 a couple of days ago, though today it's "only" 100. Yes, it is a dry heat, but it will still kill you dead. I will be using my cooling vest (Thank you MSAA and SteeleVest!!) a lot, methinks.

And of course, WORLD CUP starts TOMORROW!!! Of course, starts like 5, 6am my time... AIGH!