Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Echoing major concerns/anger

Minuteman idiocy
I leave off blogging to tend to my own self for a while... then this on the joy of you tube.

Does it surprise me? No. You can still find the video game online(see Wired article)in which you get extra points for offing either "minorities" or non-Christians (two separate games, as I remember). Some straight white christian males, frankly the cause of much pain and agony in this world throughout history, still seem to think at times (and yes, I'm generalizing the heck out of the issue here, so big whoop) that the world really is white. And male. And those who ain't, are meant to serve.

I ask you, WHERE do the unenlightened bigots among us still get the idea that it's true? Worse, how is it that the concept gets perpetuated even in places with a majority brown/black/Asian population?

It's beyond time to rise up, people. We can only be killed once, and I at least believe I'll be back in the next life for another round of Paz y Justicia!

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