Sunday, March 14, 2010

And how was YOUR week?

Well, I did have some kind of impact on people at work for MS Awareness week! On the last day of the work week I wore a shirt in bright orange that has "MS Bites!" on it. Of course, no one really asked me about it, and there were a couple of odd glances my way. However, I do "Look so good!" so it doesn't surprise me that no one asked.

And really, how do you ask that? everyone, but EVERYONE knows I was gone in Dec of 08 looking like death, but only a few people actually know I have MS at work. I don't really worry about losing my job, since my bosses know, but sometimes I do wanna yell "I HAVE MS AND MY BRAIN IS MELTING!!" to shut whiners up. I mean, honestly!

So I felt like I did some good, and has some posters and brochures from MSFocus up, wore my orange, and basically was open for discussion. However, it was also the first week I was back at classes,, so I'm sure I could have done more. sigh!

OK, now to get to writing the disability issue paper I'm supposed to be giving in 2 weeks! At least it should be fun-- House and John Callahan as manipulators of the "Able" view of the
Disabled for fun and, of course, profit!

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