Tuesday, February 17, 2015


...kinda works... this revamp of Avonex is only taken 2x a month (every 14 days), and interestingly the side effects (flu-like feelings) seem to extend longer than the one you inject once a week!

Go figure. But I started it in Dec 2014, and I guess it's working okay. I've developed more irritating physical issues (neuropathy, muscle aches) but my mind seems clearer. Also, the newness of it somehow means I can get it generally free from the drug maker for now (based on income, etc), so really other than the shock of the new, what have I to worry about? :)

I guess everything is stable, though I may be developing other issues concerning neck nerves--lots of irritation on right side. Icing it for an hour before sleeping helped, though!  We'll see what my "new" primary care person says about it--I have not been to a primary care dr since I got back to Texas, except for an 'urgent' issue of infection.  I guess it was overdue to find one.  Really, aren't neurologists generally the primary care doctors for MSers?

**Update-- as of October 2015, I came off Plegridy-- joint pain, anger issues were getting waaaay too much! I'm gonna hope for Ocrelizumab in 2016--I was in the Phase II clinical trial for that and it was WONDERFUL.


AnnLuck said...

Hi. Can you tell me more about the side effects? I'm switching from Rebif. Excited about the 14 days but nervous about flu like effects. I didn't have flu symptoms from Rebif but the injection sites never recover. I look like I'm a 50 Shades fan girl.

Doc said...

well, I've just done dose six and most of the flu-like effects are gone. I don't seem to have a problem with injection site issues so far. I would recommend taking ibuprofen before the injection, and then fit the next day, take it every four hours, like the pillow bottle says. it made a big difference for me, but I'm not a MD, of course! You could also ice the spot before the shot-- that seemed to help me but I often forget! So, for me the worst thing was the side effects that felt like flu, which hit starting about 8-10 hours after the shot. The fourteen day cycle odd pretty great though! good luck!