Friday, July 08, 2016

The (too) long hot summer

Yeah. It's hot out this way.  A spring during which we almost drowned with rain,  and now a stupid-hot summer. No, not as hot as Yuma, AZ, where I lived 7 years.  But still.  Fricking hot.

After my two-month relapse from May, I've managed to get severely overheated once, in St Louis at a conference, and mildly overheated a couple of times.  I've caned about a few times,  but now only have a cane and crutches in my car.  I presume the tecfidera is doing the job,  but I'm unnaturally fatigued always now. The hardest part of my work year just ended,  though,  and I'm anticipating catching up on sleep,  oh, by the end of the year!  Nope, I'm still not being very good at taking the Tec like I'm supposed to.  It still occasionally will give me stomach problems.

Interestingly,  and it's something that may change future treatment,  my oldest brother was just Dxed with RA. That makes our mom, him, and me all with diagnosed autoimmune problems.  She had the milder form of scleroderma. Now,  they are wildly different,  but still immune system issues. I kind of wonder what genetically we are carrying about. They are five of us siblings, and two have some autoimmune problem.  Hmm. Yet another thing to research!

My Barrymoring also carries on. I need to focus on finishing the film coding soon and figuring out how to narrow my focus. I'm still utterly fascinated by his life and acting.  So I will leave you with,  yes, Lionel Barrymore,  ladles and gentlemints!
As Andre Dakkar in The Mysterious Island, 1926/29. Purr...

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