Wednesday, May 02, 2007

That's it... Dennis Kucinich is my man.

Long time gone, much of it spent grieving--losing a parent, especially after knowing only one, is a terrifically horrible thing. I do not suggest it. You don't really know how vulnerable you still are until grief hits. Unpleasant.

But it's gotten worse with the news and the recent veto shootout, and i'm tossing in my towel and saying i'm gonna back Dennis Kucinich. I hope that the powers (straight old[er] white men) that be are wise in their choice for candidates, but as a registered independent, I'm tired of the incredibly vicious, hoary, and bleh political campaigns. I'm ill over it. John McCain makes me ill. And while it is a little exciting, Barack Obama has only slightly better than a snowball's chance in hell. I love me some Hillary Clinton, but I think this country is still too sexist. So I'm gonna push for Kucinich.

Like Wactivist, I was a heavy Dean supporter, and before that I chose wisely (after much research and soul-searching) to back Nader. I don't regret either. Our beknighted country is so due for a change... and it has to be a big one. I think, and I've even met the man when my labor union went to lobby day, that he is smart, perhaps even wise, experienced, and for once in politics... sigh... honorable. Check out the youtube site (as the regular site is being revamped).

I'm serious. Rarely have I felt so ill about the path of the nation. It's like we take a step forward to becoming, I don't know, maybe we aspire to being Sweden, and all we end up doing is buying Ikea. It's all surface. Let's rock some change!!

And of course, should Obama or Clinton actually GET the dem nom, and it's a two horse race, I'm voting Barack or Honorable Hillary C.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more - except that I will not back Hillary or Obama, no matter what. Either of them is poised to lead this country down the same self-destructive path. Kucinich is the only one who really seems to get it. I also have felt hopeless about the state of our country, but Kucinich gives me hope.