Monday, July 09, 2007

Globalization, Lou (*&(@$# Dobbs, and unions

Blogger extraordinaire hermano at xicanopwr wrote a nice missive on the effect of the immigration bill losing, and I wanted to riff on this part:

If Dobbs and his ilk were concern, why not go after the price gouging by the oil cartels or mount an attack on the pharmaceutical cartels to lower drug prices to help the average American. They won’t and can’t, because the most dangerous and corrupt elements of these cartels keep them on the air. America has been co-opted by the agendas of large and powerful corporations and nothing will be done to stop them unless we start waking up.

Amen, my brother. Having gone from excellent health care as a unionized grad student to iffy health care as a weak-unionized prof to crappy healthcare as a nonunion prof in AZ, I can attest to the power inherent in combating big bidness. I find it appalling that people who shout most about illgal immigration, the hordes of dem Messkins, and liberalism are also the loudest protesters against unionized work. Fair wage for fair work should be simple to comprehend. Yes, unions can grow so big as to become corrupt, but that doesn't mean we get rid of them all. I was a proud member of UE Local 896, proud to support them and work for justice for workers.

Why isn't it more clear that to fight the rise of cheap Chinese goods, raise wages, etc, that we should heed the reasoning of unions? No, that doesn't mean we'd care only about us-- fair labor practices should be worldwide, and we should be at the forefront.

GAWD! Why is it people are content to hear fallacies, lies, damn lies, and statistics and not have a reasoned conversation about how we're destroying our country with unfettered greed, destruction, and international idiocy? I'ts not the immigrants, stupid....

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