Monday, July 16, 2007

Why oh why... Why do we do this, y'all?

No, not another musing on why Mexico can't get to the finals of a futbol championship.... (see FIFA U-20 World Cup)

Musing more on the sorry prospect of remaining a citizen of this state which seems to me, at least in the area I live, to be rushing headlong into a warm bucket of hell... it's not a pleasant concept. Hell, even though I might have some type of rheumatic arthritis, I'm certain I wouldn't stay here for the warmth. There's warmth, and then there's the warmth of people in community, working together for the betterment of the group-- which frankly SW AZ doesn't seem to be able to do.

Yes, I'm oversimplifying. Yes, there are wonderful people here, blah, blah. But more often, as I go through my day and fail to revel in the experience of being a tattooed Mexican in the eyes of citizens (white and brown?), notice every stupid story in the paper and every single wrong spelling/ word/ phrase etc in the local trash rag, see every silly poster by some halfassed anti immigrant/ antibrown moron, I find that the thrill of being an Arizonan fades fast. Yes, I would like to leave, and yes, there is much work to be done here-- what's an activist to do?

Why, oh why is it that some of us DO care about the world in which we live? Why is it some of us really aren't all that into making money, but more finding a way to make life better for people? And why is it that other people, more the Ayn Rand types, feel it's fine to bash us for exposing greed, corruption, and hypocrisy, or speaking out on issues that touch us? Is it really, fellow poliblogs (like polywogs-- political bloggers, TM me), just that we're oh so much wiser? Why, oh why IS IT SO?

Sigh. Maybe I need to not only think about gettin' out of AZ, but gettin' out of this country for a while. And yes, I have found a better place, if only I could speak the lingo-- I'd move to Iceland!

Land of Fire and Ice, Reykjavik

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