Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's definitely not lupus...

...and not the flu, either. Arg. So far I have managed to miss the flu, I think, but lately my left ear has been hurting and my left (and only left!) tonsil is swollen and sore. It's like the ultimate headcold, since I can't get the nasal congestion to leave my head. The nice nurse at my school took a look, and yep, the left eardrum is slightly bulged, so I am wondering if I have a lovely ear infection coming. I hate this stuff.

At the school as a whole, while flumania is down, allergies are running rampant. I don't think I have allergies, but the fine silica sanddust is EVERYWHERE here. I see why bedouins tend to cover their faces.

MS wise, all is mostly stable, though I do wonder if the weird shocklike headaches I've had lately are MS related or just tension issues. I wish massage was indicated for MS!

Hope all are well!

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