Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New theory for MS progression/ treatment

The Venous Theory

As has been hitting the net recently, there is a newish theory of MS progression, if not causation, based on insufficient blood flow in the brain due to iron deposition there not being flushed out.

I admit it's intriguing, but one of the things I'm not getting out of the info yet is why the iron is there, and where it came from. I'm particularly intrigued as a long-time vegetarian, who clearly does not overload on iron like many Americans who eat red meat, etc. I'm glad the studies will continue, and if the treatment of improving the blood flow works for some people, I'm happy! Right now, I think it's one nice part of an horrendously complex issue-- why iron, for example? If more northerners get it, who maybe eat less red meat around the world, why that? Why not mercury from commercial fishing? Do people have insufficient blood flow in other parts of their body too? Is the heart involved? I have "mild mitral insufficiency"-- is that part of it?

GAH! These are times I wish I'd gone to medical school rather than do the "easy" PhD. (Caveat-- PhDs are for people with mental issues who like pain. Honest-- at least the real ones you don't buy off the internet.)

Will follow to see how this goes along!

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