Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy Gnu Deer you MSers!

Well, so far the new year has been far less dramatic than last year! Jan 13th will be my 1st MS anniversary. Maybe I'll go crazy and have some vino! Of course, a week after that I go back for the second set of ocrelizumab infusions. I have to say, I've been feeling pretty good on it! I'm not sure about all this jazz with CCSVI, but I'm doing pretty good so far.

I still feel a bit tentative about being cheerful overly, but.. maybe I'll get over it. Or not...:)

Once more into the breach!

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Lisa Emrich said...

Since you don't have a full feed enabled on your blog, I don't often come over to read. I admit it, I'm lazy and use my Google Reader to its fullest. :)

However, I'm glad that I read back through your 2010 posts thus far and found this little gym. I'm very anxious to see early results of the ocrelizumab trial in MS.

Unfortunately the trials in RA were halted sometime in March (only this week hitting the news). It was anticipated that ocrelizumab would replace rituximab. Maybe it still will if it works out in MS.

Why am I interested? Because I started Rituxan last fall and have seen significant benefits from it. I have both RA and MS, so I'm using it officially on-label for RA with my neuros extreme excitement.

I started my 2nd round yesterday, just a few months behind you on your ocrelizumab journey. But it took awhile until I realized that Copaxone just wasn't doing it for me any more. Then I had to present my case to both specialists to agree to try the Rituxan approach.

I hope that you continue to do well. I noticed that my RA began to mildly flair at month 5 and the MS symptoms which had lessened began to come back shortly thereafter.

What about you, did you have a noticeable need for the next round of infusions in January?

And, did you experience any infusion-related side-effects? I have with Rituxan.