Saturday, May 15, 2010

My little boy

Tommy Lee, 1997-2009. Love you, baby!

Today would have been my catson Tommy Lee's 13th birthday. He died last year, Feb 7th, not even four weeks after I was diagnosed with MS.

Let's just say 2009 was a catastrophic year for me. I hadn't needed any more "character developing" moments in my life, and i always say, that which did not kill me just didn't try hard enough. I have a whole philosophy about hope, too, but that would take a lot of time.

His unconditional love, his sense of peace and grace were so tremendous... I would love to be him. We still have four cats, including his little brother Casy, who will be 8 on May 20th. But TL will always and forever be a huge piece of my heart and life. May he always be in peace, and hopefully, neve be reborn into this life-- I can wait to hold you again, my little boy. I love you.

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