Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World MS day

Crap...the stairway to heaven/a cure is steep indeed!

Imagine a day when everyone in the world got to experience a nice MS relapse!

Now THAT would be a true eye opener for many. I think even our caregivers would be surprised by the rebellion of our bodies and brains. Because really, you know, it is hard to describe the myriad symptoms, the pains, nerve issues, etc.

I do think our docs and researchers are trying very hard. I think for some, a sincere treatment without many side effects may be near. For me, the monoclonal antibodies work well, and I am VERY glad for them: my brain was so swiss-cheesy it still isn't funny. While I do fret a little about the future, nothing in me says I'm gonna give up, so I can fret, but right now things are manageable. It's like when I lost sensation in my right arm after being clobbered in a rugby game (the same injury which probably led to my back problems and herniated disk more recently)-- it sucked, but a couple of months of therapy made most of it better.

Perhaps as this MS day comes and goes, we can really think deep about our own reserves and powers... I'm not saying we can heal our mind by happy thoughts, but we can free ourselves from some worry and enjoy, endure, or observe the present with equanimity. That would be an admirable goal!

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