Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ocrelizumab-- the final infusion

*insert dramatic music*

earlier today I had my final infusion of my clinical trial.. Was exciting-- well, also because I was watching the World Cup during it, but I've had such a good response to it I'm psyched about the whole idea. So now, for a while I'll be observed and go in for an occasional MRI, until my B cell count goes back to where it was (or up...).

I admit that it could be a little daunting, since I guess as it rises I could have pseudo or actual relapses, but I'm glad I did the trial, for myself and others it might help! I am still in love with my Italian Phd/MD/ Bronze Olympic Medal Winning Neuro and his staff (GO MIA!!!) and the hospital.

The heat in Arizona is still bugging me, but thankfully my teaching is done for the summer and now it's all mostly administrative work. I get to go to PA for a conference July 11-14, so that might be amusing. Work-filled, but amusing! I could totally use a break from the heat-- it was 85 at 630 this AM, and is probably 103-105 right now, 3pm. AIGH!!!!

Hope everyone is coping well, heat or not. Let the dog days begin!!
Sleepy Auggie Doggie

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