Sunday, March 13, 2011

MS Awareness Week

The NMSS "MS=" Campaign

Well we're just about here again, MS Awareness week, and I have a whopping big sign on my office door, tho not everyone at my job knows I have MS. The ones that matter do, the others might be a little intrigued, but for the most part I no longer care.

I do like the NMSS' "MS=" campaign, but there so much that MS can = for me, and I'm not very pithy lately.

Perhaps MS=frustration at myself and also others for not seeing that I am, actually, not entirely well/healthy/fast. That would definitely go beyond one week or one month. But in any event, it's all an intriguing campaign and I wonder who out there knows what "MS=" for them. I'm sure it's ever changing-- it is for me!

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