Monday, July 30, 2018

Ocrevus month, yay

So July 18th was my 2nd fulldose Ocrevus infusion, or my one-year anniversary. I was overdue, I think, but it'd also been a wildly stressful summer at work and psychologically. I felt i was fading mentally as well, but who knows with the south Texas heat!

Nothing much happened, except I find myself annoyed by the infusion center's noise in the morning. Pretty much a standard infusion--first hour or so minor chills, then it went away. I'm more annoyed my neuro is retiring, so now I have to jump hoops with another neuro who founded the "ms center" at my hospital, though I can't tell they do research or really anything else. She's much younger than my last neuro, with only a few publications, and that does give me pause. I guess I should feel fortunate the nurse is remaining! :)

I hope others have been able to get on and find Ocrevus useful. It's useful for me, though I do think I may have progressed a little bit. I'm definitely more annoyed by the whole MS thing than I ever have been before, even when I had to use a cane all the time. Go figure. The worst part is just feeling like no one understands.  But I think many others out there feel me on that!

I love the little teddy bear bandage! :)

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