Monday, December 04, 2006

Democrats obstructing Bush's vowels... and 2008?!

...latest CNN buzz is all about, it seems (when they're not airing Shrub's anger at those damn obstructionist Demmies), is the 2008 elections.

AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *sound of breaking glass*

Is it conceivable that we can get thru the elections with all the votes counted and then have a few months before we worry about the next Prez? I mean hell, Christmas stuff was up before Halloween in my part of the globe.

So far the buzz is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton-- the SO and I were wondering over brekkies whether the American people could find a way to justify rejecting both a woman AND a person of color, or if there would only be one on the ticket, and wuold that make us better if we had a lopsided race where, let's say, the Repugnocrat was Trent Lott or his ilk yet he STILL got voted in.

Here's a good questions-- which is more deeply entrenched in the US right now-- sexism or racism?

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