Thursday, December 07, 2006

Second Civil War (click here)

I showed one of my classes the HBO film "The Second Civil War", about an Idaho governor who decides to close the state borders rather than let a planeload of Pakistani orphans land in Boise. Every politician in the film is being led by ratings, polls, and lobbyists, and no one comes out looking well, although somehow the governor of Idaho (Beau Bridges) is in love with an immigrant Mexican reporter (Elizabeth Pena) and wants to name their future son "Juan Pablo Farley".

It is funny, but in a dark, dark way, and the nexes are remarkably complex and I think depressingly real. One hopes this really ISN'T how our government runs itself... but whoever wrote the film knows a little bit about how pollsters and lobbyists work...

Interestingly, it was apparently only shown once on HBO, in 1997. Hmmm...

I'm tired. But I taught the last class of my year!

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