Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ain't a good time to be one in ten... Coulter N Pace N everyone...

So here we go... tripping down the street... saying the freakiest bullshit... to everyone we meet... HEY HEY WE'RE THE MONKEYS!

We're so great and civil here that, even though as General Gorilla in chief Pace can condemn on the one hand and praise Jaysus for the opportunities of the US on the other. The infuriatingly offhand, sure to be praised comments by this general eliminates for the freakazoid other rightwing nutzoid monkeys marching in the band the hard work all our soldiers do, gay or straight or purple, most of them doing more than those Talking Heads will ever do. Heaven forbid our gay soldiers, who put their lives on the line, should be afforded the honor and respect to be themselves. Here's General Gorilla's take
Pace comments.

Not too long ago, chimp in chief Ann "What, me admit hypocrisy?" Coulter went ape on John Edwards, a seemingly nice enough guy, with theF word dropping down. Not that I nor anyone else expects anything else, but to go there when you can't really do much good for your so-called agenda smells of desperation and a HUGE level of hypocrisy.

Good Jaysus. Between Pace, Coulter, and of course a litany of Fox bullshit, it's been a smelly time in US news and politics. Racism, I expected, and of course sexism, but homophobia too? Is there anything Americans WON'T hate?

I hate stupid people. I was even told so by a bruja in New Orleans who read my palm. So there.

**BREAKING NEWS! Pace expresses regret. There is a dog:The Almost Apology

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