Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mexican protests, and the tourists who came to enjoy it...*@&##^!

AP photo of protester


Not all that long ago, as expected and already done, there were protests in Mexico over all the evil that Bush does, etc:Protests

BUT, what was REALLY funny was this quote, seemingly way the hell out of context,and a little bit puzzling to yours truly:

"Tourists dining at sidewalk cafes watched the protests curiously, some snapping photographs and or taking videos with their cell phones.

Erin Graham, a 24-year-old student from Houston was in the square with her husband and two small children when the riot police suddenly arrived and began fighting with the protesters. She said she ran over to see what was happening, while her husband stayed behind with the children.

'Studying Mexican history, I have read about this a lot," she said as police vans sped by, their lights flashing, "but I wanted to see it in person.'"

Well-- what the hell WAS it she wanted to see? What is the "it"? Police vans? Protests? Uprising of the people? Or, like the other tourists, the (air quote) undoubtedly inherent violence of the Mexican people? (end air quote) What was she going to do? Hope to take a good celly vid and post it on YouTube? Become a victim like los pobrecitos massacred at Tlatelolco?

If this person, or ANY American, is studying Mexican history with a sense of "how romantic!", they need to remember that like our own country, a threatened government can respond very poorly. did she think she wanted to see this in person?:Students murdered at Tlatelolco

Why oh why does it indeed pain me to see the absentminded tourist mentality of Mexico as still a savage place? Perhaps I am putting too much in this poor Houstonian's mouth, but I, who have studied American history from more than one viewpoint and Mexican history from the POV of los pobres, get infuriated when i read contemporary accounts of American attitudes toward Mexico- or frankly, US 'tudes toward any place more hot than Minnesota. Don't they know the damn Tropical theory of temper hardly applies? Ain't no bloodsucking nasty Berserker in Chiapas, dudes.

Ay. Poor Mexico, so close to the US, so far from God!

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