Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bill Richardson once more rules...

I like Bill Richardson, dammit! How is it that NM, which seems to have alternating tight-assed people and cool arty types, gets the cool guv? Not that I don't like Miss Janet (if ya nasty)...

Here's Big Bill's newest socially progressive move, a same-sex/unmarried partner law

From the article:
"New Mexico's proposed domestic-partnership bill remained alive Tuesday as tired lawmakers were called back into special session to consider it and several other bills deemed crucial by Gov. Bill Richardson."

Later in the aticle, another wow moment:
"In 2003, Richardson signed an executive order extending benefits to the domestic partners of state workers, the Albuquerque Journal reported. Last week, he vowed to sign a bill legalizing medical marijuana for HIV/AIDS and other patients."

I like this guy. I wonder if he'll stay governor long enough for me to get a job (I was already ofered one, but in CARLSBAD, ew) in NM-- even though they can barely make Mexican food. I swear to deity of your choice, I went to a restaurant recommended by the local Nuevo Mexicanos, and when I asked what their green sauce for enchiladas was like, with a straight face they said "It's cream of mushroom soup with ortega chilies".


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