Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Counting down the days

Here in desert Southwest, we're winding down school semesters and stretching ourselves for a snowbird-infested nap of sorts. Practically speaking, this is a good time to unwind, even if not the best place for me. Ah well.

The old MS dance has been pretty quiet lately, though I still wish I lived closer to my doc since this first year of MS has been a little unsettling. OK, a LOT unsettling. On Jan 13th of next year, I'll have been officially dx'ed with MS for a year. I keep telling myself I should have taken better notes, so I could appreciate the year more, but frankly-- I think it would be a bit of a downer. So I'm going to look back on it in January, have a wee cake, and really see what it feels like to have made it one year.

Tgiving was fine, tho I don't eat turkey. Good wine makes all things well-- I can't remember, tho, if I should be drinking wine in this clinical trial! I'll be glad when all the holiday stuff is kind of done-- a lot of feelings of ambiguity and "feh"ness around here. The zoloft has helped take the edge off life, but still-- I think I need a vacation more than anything, and I don't know when that will happen!

Here's to the last week of classes!

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