Friday, April 09, 2010

Obligatory cat roll-call...

What? Too much coffee?

Oh yes.. nothing like the morning dose of javajava... one of the things most definitely do not share with my four-legged kids. At present, two of them are racing about with abandon, legs flying every which way, fur floating in the air...

I suppose I should be glad, since we have four cats and three dogs and four more ghosts in the house.

This is Casy:The Enforcer
Casy enjoys being fluffy, enforcing the peace, and watching the doves outside. He is 8 years old this May, and was a 2-week old orphan whom I adopted at 10 weeks or so. We believe he's part or all Norwegian Forest cat, and my Icelandic friend thinks so too!

Clawdius Maximus Cattus:The 20lb orange love muffin
What to say about Clawd? He's big, long, cross-eyed, and VERY, very patient and calm! Which is good. He's also diabetic, so he gets shots and tests every day. His much smaller kitten-sibs love Clawd. However, he has been known to give a hard smack to interlopers. More on THEM in a later post! He, like all our others, is adopted but carries no grudge about that. He does, however, use a huge plastic storage box for a litter box. Big boy.

Well, prolly enough cat poundage for now! Happy weekend!

Ah yes! It must be the weekend! *GALLOP, GALLOP, GALLOP*

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