Sunday, April 11, 2010

O. M. G.: Monsters vs. Aliens

HL and Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.

OK, clearly I like Hugh Laurie, and 'tis a reason to watch "Monsters vs. Aliens", but O.M.G. I really enjoyed the film! The more one has seen the old monster films (The Fly, Black Lagoon, etc) the better it is, and it is WILDLY funny and very well-written. And a bit violent. Hrm. Yes, a little bit violent.

My favorite lines? "O. M. G." and "My PhD is in... DANCE!!", both courtesy Dr Cockroach. All the major characters are quite good, though, very quirky. Of course, the huge insectosaurus totally is a rip off of Mothra, and it's perfect! My one regret is that I didn't see it in 3D at the theaters.

Still and all, totally enjoyable and took my mind off work and knee twinges. Am hoping no pseudo-exacerbations are on the way, since that would be major suckage. It's bad enough that Arizona summer is icumen in, loudly sing cucoo. We've started to hit the AC now, given that it is getting above 80 or so. I do NOT deal well with heat!

Onward into the week, dear friends! Or plug up the..erm.. hole... with our English papers...

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