Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday Night Lite-Blog

Well, another week of successfully living, such as it is! I have to admit that as it gets hotter here in the desert southwest, I'm likely to be getting very tired, somewhat cranky, and overwhelmingly upset with MS. I know it wouldn't be better if I were back home in Texas-- there, it would be hot AND humid. However, at least I would feel a little more relaxed.

Today was the first time I felt some real exhaustion slam down on me all of a sudden-- I was planning on going to a friend's 21st birthday party, but all of a sudden I just felt like hell. Warm, dizzy hell.

So it's good that this coming week I get to look over my health care, AND we get to add the husbear to the insurance... for 420 dollars a month. SHITE! I do hope that at least the lifetime cap disappears, though the paperwork still looks as thankless and graceless as always. But given how much OOP rates are-- Bear's medical is costing more than mine! (Thank you, clinical trial!!!) It is sickly ridiculous how frightening it is not to have medical care. For a long time, I've thought some kind of social health care system would be valuable here. I think at times our individualism streak in the US makes us bloody pigheaded and useless. We cannot seem to see or do anything in moderation, from eating to technology. Texting addiction, hello! :)

Ah well. The weekend hold more heat, some yardwork to be done, and a lot of grumbling about the state of the state.

And how are things on YOUR side?

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