Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Great Wall of (*&@#&%&))?!!

Without a doubt, most of the blues of today come from the pendejismo evidenced recently by the political machines that keep grinding away. I am reminded (no small thanks to a pretty liberal and aggressive degree in history) of the 40s and 50s, hysterical chasing of "wetbacks" all over the place. I was lucky to be part of a family (well, okay I wasn't alive then) which had been so long in the area we were invisible.

I haven't asked my mother yet what she thinks of the wall idea. She remembers and has told me about seeing white and colored drinking fountains, and thinking it was foolish. Of course, she went to the white fountain. I remember asking--so, what were Mexicans?

More later on the shamefully two-faced nature of former immigrants being anti-immigrant...

(a little pic of my hometown, San Antonio-- La Margarita has lovely drinks and ambushing mariachis!)

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