Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hola, y'all...

no, that's not "holla". Too old for most of that. I decided, even though I'm leery of the usefulness of blogging, that at this time my sanity will be well served by having a place to vent. I live in SW Arizona (crAZy), and teach at a college-- English, no less. I have never quite lived in a place where race and color are so incredibly knotted up in anger and incoherent occasional ranting. I love where I work , the peeps are lovely, but the state-- the state!

To confess, I grew up in TX (pre-GWB). My home state, which I love so much I have it tattooed on my ankle, is a fraught place with some REALLY weird politics. But rarely if ever were race and color issues so spittingly, droolingly violent when I was growing up. When my mom and grandma were, sure. But even so, living and growing up in the majority had a HUGE impact on me!

Merrily traipsing across the country for school, even Iowa was less virulent. I am positive not all Arizonans lose their minds over immigration, race, or color--but good heavens those who do have the voice!

So, part of this log is to combat that vindicitive, loud ugliness. Perhaps I will be able to provide a bit of insight, especially as in the cours eof my job I am within a mile of the border once a week to teach. I don't want to overtly scream, and I will try to keep the ranting to a minimum. But when was the last time I felt like I could be attacked? Never.

Maybe it's the tattoos...

La Maestra

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