Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just another manic Thursday... in God's own abandoned swamp. Big rain storm, funnel cloud in Yuma, and the apocalypse must be upon us. I also recently made note of the fact that some people claim political ads are too "mean". Of course.

As the state and nation rev up for the election, much heat is being rained down by incumbents upon their challengers. I am not one to claim there isn't hellfire and brimstone in TV political ads lately: the Pedersen/Kyl campaigns are remarkable to watch in their twists, turns, and general invective. I am still trying to wrap my brains around John Kyl as one of the ten best anything. He doesn't strike me as particularly an AZ rep, but I have not lived here that long. Perhaps he is what, as cynics like to say, "arizona deserves". I'm sure no one is as cowboy as he seems to want to be in some of his ads. There are Texas Rangers who don't look as cowboy as he does at times.

Speaking of the state of the nation, heartened am I (and we) by the NJ turn of events recently, providing some kind of protection to American citizens too long unfairly discriminated against for the gender of their lover. Check it out here

I don't think is a bad thing at all. What is interesting is that these potentially quite forward-thinking attitudes come at the same time as a massive wave of conservative hysteria. Moderation seems to be the thing missing from our nation now. If it's there, I am hoping to see it soon. OUr better voices, if we still have them, are being shouted down by a tendency to bullying public figures and meaningless rhetoric. I was watching the Daily Show and was fairly astonished when 1- Wolf Blitzer called out a congressman on the Foley scandal, challenging him to provide evidence for a Democratic conspiracy and 2- when the congressdude retorted "Do you have any proof that they're not behind it?" Check it out: Daily Show on Foley Scandal

Call me crazy, but can you prove a negative like that? What stupid, inane, and other words meaning hopelessly backwards school did that rep drop out of? Pull that shite in my class, I fail you. Like dog!

Oy. TGIT. Hope the weekend brings us all happiness and good news.

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