Monday, November 20, 2006

The difference between Tucson, Phoenix, and Podunkia

Well, I gave my paper on Education and Politics, and am kinda glad I didn't go theoretical, since those things seemed to go over like lead bricks at the conference I was at. I discussed different student learning styles from San Luis to Yuma, and how our culture might be able to assist in the process of education, but also what we had to do as a culture/ community not to shoot ourselves in the collective foot.

More interestingly by far, I found out that I really have no reason to fear I'm vegetating as an academic in Podunkia/ Yuma, since I found out that some acadmic types from Tucson/ Phoenix were a bit-- well, weird. It felt as if they could talk much talk, and undoubtedly do some walking, yet there seemed to be a sense of disconnect from the very community's students they felt they needed most to serve. I mean, the majority of my students are brown, and pretty much always will be. I go within walking distance of Mexico once a week and only ten miles away a bit later that same day. I live, eat, breathe, and work among my students in a remarkably contentious area every day. And now I know-- Tucson and Phoenix really DON'T konw any better how to deal with the everyday life of Latinas and Latinos.

But I bet they have Thai food....

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