Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I don't really watch football that much, since SOME people I know have horribly competitive tendencies in my house, and he ain't the dog.

However, while bringing my head up from the local sports teams' losses on the weekend, I noticed a remarkable football/ soccer game of its own beginning nationally: Iran or not to Iran?

If you Google news read, as I sometimes do, you'll notice a top headline with our QB, George "C student" Bush, pretty much trashing Iran, as might be well expected. On the field as well is Tony "GB" Blair, our QB's normal backup, asking for a bit more patience and utilitarianism.

I can understand the Red Team's side, what with the bad blood of the past with Iran. However, when your ally, well, several of them kindly request a "rapprochement", it might bear some thinking.

OF COURSE! Let us not forget (as if we could) some of the fallout of the elections. I didn't have to wait long to unearth anti-Pelosi images, stories, hysterical rantings. It's the kind of thing that makes me want to buy an "I Love Nancy Pelosi" shirt, even though I'm not from California. I'm wondering if the elections spanking and subsequent Blue Tide Rising (TM) are playing with our QB's head and pride, making him stand harder on things he 1- likely doesn't understand fully and 2- gave lip service to. When your "Architect" of war is outed as a shameful hussy by the Army (Navy, Air Force, Marines) Times and basically is sacrificed (as he damn well deserved to be) for the appeasement of a ravenous crowd tired of the BS, you might feel defensive. You might throw when you should've stayed with the ground game.

Let's just say he's not headed for a BCS game yet. Meanwhile, Ford is still around. Ford/ Carter 2008?

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