Thursday, November 02, 2006

A note on new links..

...while a pretty proud Tejana feminist, I have always wanted to return to the island I was born on, Guam/ Guahan. I have no idea why. Perhaps 9 months of rocking in my mother's belly, being lulled progressively by surf sounds did something. I remember writing a paper in middle school, and again in high school, on Guam, and remember hearing stories of the latte stones, and others.

My family spent four years there prior to my birth, and then jetted to Oklahoma (gasp!) afterwards. There's no real connection, except I was native-born and have met some Chamorro folk later in life.

HOWEVER- I am very much interested in colonialism, post-colonialism, diaspora, and what I call in my book the "strange non-diasporic postcolonial condition" of Texans on the Mexico border after the TX-MX border, when a 'government' arbitrarily MADE some border dwellers "instant Texans". I'm very interested in American nationalism and imperialism as it has made itself known, particularly in places we might forget or even WANT to forget. Hence, my searching again for a Guam connection.

So, raza-- no worries. I'm a good poco loco Tejana feminist!

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