Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More brouhaha election-style

Well, while the sleepy hamlet I live in is not exactly bustling with action, the fair and entirely too ignorant at times burb of Yuma is bursting with election day fervor! Or, so you would think form all the campaign signs.

However, I was interested to note that some signs have started to disappear. I was on my way to work when I noticed a couple of long-haired guys (liberals? Animal Rights activists? Lost snowbirds?) stopping by the "It's Hogwash" sign (Proposition to put an end to some types of food animal torture-- you try not turning around in a box for your lifetime). Next thing I knew, on my way back home, the sign (and it was a BIG sign) was gone.

Now, I don't exactly feel bad about that, but it reeks more of a republican desperation than the act of a citizen of conscience. Repubs tend, at least among those not fiscal conservatives, to shriek instead of discuss when challenged, to lie, steal, misguide, and cheat. Do I have proof of these contentions?

SURE I DO! Foley... Bush and the towers... Enron... Rush... etc etc...

How people get away with the most outlandish statements, under the guise of "first amendment rights" is amazing. While I'm not about suing as a course of life, maybe someone needs to start some libel suits!

off to teach...

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