Monday, October 12, 2009

The crunching sound means it's hurting!

After a long, long weekend of dodging grading and stuff, I noticed near the end of the weekend that my right knee was feeling weakish. Not too uncommon, but then... oh, ker-UNCH!

I put my weight on my right leg last night to grab something and heard this ridiculously loud snap, crunch, and crackle of my kneecap area, which was of course QUITE painful. Since then.. sigh, I've been limping and babying my right leg. I have no idea exaclty what it is, if it's MS-related or not, but DAMN. Perhaps it's just workout related, since I'm back on the gym trip, but I don't think riding a recumbent biks is all that knee-threatening. Then again, I can't imagine MS causing my knee to make crunchy-shify sounds, like the patella slipped or something. It hurts when it's extended fully. Oy.

Pain pill time!!!!!!!!!!

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