Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wildlife and us

Rocky Raccoon is pissed

So I went into major hate-human mode today, as I noticed a tiny mouse caught in a school glue trap, still alive, terrified, starving, and really frankly in misery. I know all things have their place, but come on... "gee, I know, let's torture and starve this creature because we CAN, because we lack the courage to put out traps that would actually kill them quickly because we don't want BLOOD all over, gee... they're vermin..."

Come on, it's a mouse. A tiny one. A living critter who feels fear and pain, and while I can't save everything nor want to, there has to be better ways for humans to rid themselves of "undesirables"

Which brings me back to crips. Somehow I feel for the "undesirables" in the world. I do. There's so much blind ugliness and ignorance in the world. I made my students try checking for accessibility with a walker, crutches, and a cane recently and they certainly came back with more open eyes. Maybe they will stop and appreciate their mobility, and they definitely see the campus with clearer vision. Will they remember the experience beyond a week? I dunno.

Oh, the mouse? I freed it carefully, threw the sticky trap away, and cursed the hell out of humans.

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