Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The finest in possibly-illegal gimp-cessories

Mystic 8-ball gimptastic spinner

Well, I'm not sure if a spinner is illegal in AZ (I know they are in about 40 other states if they're after-market), but I really wanted something to help me with big turns in my CripMobile (my Toy Echo), so I figured I'd get a cheap spinner for my steering wheel. Of course, the only one they had at the closest auto store to me was, of course-- an 8-ball. Seen above, it has been a joy, if a little bit ghettofabulous. Of course, I took my Bear's 8-ball valve caps off his wheels and stuck them on mine, then we got an 8-ball shifter knob... and just stopped short of the fuzzy 8-ball danglies for the rear view mirror. Phew!

I am not sure what exactly I will say if I am stopped. I have yet to determine if they are illegal in my present state of residence. I suppose I can show them my id card from Roche that identifies me as a clinical trial participant.. but then again, they'd have to understand that... oh dear!

Either way, I have to say it is a great tool to cut down on the strength I have to use to turn my steering wheel. OK, and it's a bit of the totally cool, too. At least I didn't get the chromed one I found later!

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