Thursday, October 01, 2009

Forget the blues... about that "dammit, what is WRONG with my legs?!?" dance.

Was planning to go to a volleyball game at my school (they are a GREAT team), but in the middle of dinner before hand, I felt like my legs just decided to rebel against their attachment to my body. In short-- my legs mostly stopped working. I was only just able to drive home (no sitting on bleachers for me) and took a cripscrip muscle relaxant which kicked in after a couple of hours.

Now, I know not every pain can be blamed on MS, but HELL... if this wasn't electrical misfiring in my brain, I have no idea what it was! I am in cane-mode today, still weakish in the legs and wobbly. It also seemed to affect my right hand, particularly the thumb and first finger. Even as it's getting cooler here, relieving some heat stress, the wee out-of-the-blue flare-ups and short circuits are really disconcerting, and also a reminder that I shouldn't buy that big scooter just yet!

Grr. What a pain in the royal ass. And tomorrow is my birthday-- first official MS one. Yay. Maybe I'll bury my head in articles for this paper I wanna write and hope my highlighting hand doesn't go out, too.

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