Friday, September 25, 2009

dis studies review...

Well, so far the academic disability studies stuff is... well... overly pedantic and heavy on Deaf culture-- maybe because t is large. There's not much on humor or media yet, and there is a lot on feminist takes on dis studies. I am looking for more on visibility, but without the self-righteousness. I did read John Callahan's funny and sad bio, "Don't Worry, He won't Get far On Foot"-- he's a quadriplegic cartoonist of wicked sensibilities. He is quite funny-- sample toon: man with dark glasses and tin cup on sidewalk with sign that reads "Please help. I'm Blind. I'm Black. But I'm not musical." My black blind friend cracked up over that one

So between Callahan and House, I intend to enjoy this first article. I am sure eventually articles will appear by me using poco work, but for now-- long time, no article writing!

At least I'll also be able to revisit House on DVD--can I write the DVD sets off on my taxes now?

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Professing English in Arizona, but from Texas?!? LOL Didn't know (or at least since I left Texas) English was still spoken there...thought the only language was "Texan".

Glad to have found you...I'm connecting your link to the infamous 100 MS Blog Links over on that BrainCheese site...I hear THAT blog is written by a true flake. LOL

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Linda D.