Monday, September 21, 2009

The foofoo post

Okay! House is over, and boy... this season should be fun!

Actually, a lot to think about given the recent desire to think about the psychology of disability. I mean, it's odd to say much about it now, with not a whole lot of experience, but at the same time, ala the episode tonight-- sometimes the right time to reflect comes to you, you don't go to it. So to speak.

Disability is just that-- a distortion of lack of some type of ability or a ability-ness that is not quite "right". Nuff dancing. The gimpness for me is physical, compounded by the mental rags of post-PhD hood. What was nice in the House ep was his confrontation with the least rational part of himself, his emotional mind and life. Was thought- provoking. I took this away from it:

Don't try to fix everything-- you're not God. Just apologize (if necessary) and let it go.

Boy. Letting go is not my strength-- because hey, why let go when you can cling to archaic, pointless, and ultimately useless ideas?

I need to go to med school. Boredness is dragging me down.

anyway, new season of House rocking already! Paz.

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