Saturday, September 12, 2009

I guess I should explain about that page title...

Well, first off I'm officially tired of political blogging. I've not posted for yonks, because although I care, I hit the "I have to take care of myself" wall. So i decided I'd do myself an the world better blogging about MS and life in Crip City.

I tend to defuse discomfort (and cause some, yes) about my cane usage by saying things like "Hey, can you hold the door for the gimp?" or "Gimp coming through!" Hence "Gimp Chronicles".

However, I have to shamefacedly explain "shade Stealing Crip" a bit more. Once three years ago BD (Before Diagnosis), Bear and I were driving to Lake Havasu in Arizona. I was psyched as we drove up to the parking lot for London Bridge and saw a shade tree I could park under in the nearly-empty lot, in the 127 degree weather. As I pulled up, I noticed it was a handicapped spot, so in a wry, and I promise to god funny moment because I would never say something like this twice I yelled "Goddamn shade-stealing crips got all the good parking!" Bear gawked, I gawked, and then we both had terminal giggles for a long time. It became a joke because he knew I wouldn't and didn't mean anything by it, bu was hot and frustrated by parking.

Of course, now I AM that shade-stealing crip! I don't flaunt the placard, and I do often forget to hang it-- it's a good thing my school cops know my car by now. I had never parked in HC spots when I was sans placard, and I used to get pissed off when non-crips would swing in there, or worse, non-crips would use their mom/grandma/dad's placard to shave a few feet off their walk to the store. Assholes. Oh, can I type that?

Anyway, I keep a sense of humor about it and frankly, I do enjoy some of the discomfort I cause. Because as I mention, there ain't no romanticism in a cane when you really need one. And now that GimpDoc on "House MD" has had a cane with the flames painted on it I had once wanted, I will now need to get something different airbrushed on mine. Right now on one of mine I have a dragon sticker. Bleh.

Crips ahoy!

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