Sunday, September 13, 2009

More health care thoughts, and one cool doc!

If possible, I've totally come to love my MS doc even more than I did before- dig this:
My doc, who for now will remain nameless, already had my admiration by having a MD and a PhD-- hell, I only have one, and it was the "easy" one (PhD). While farting around online looking for pics of my doc's hospital, I googled his name and clicked on "Images", and lo and behold-- he has an Olympic medal!

Turns out he was on Italy's 1992 bronze medal winning pentathlon team in Barcelona. In the individual pentathlon, he came in 5th in the world. I mean, what can't he do??! Besides, well, so far cure MS. Sigh. And he's quite nice andd approachable, too. Perfecto!

Anyway, the snarky part of the post is how screwed up the healthcare reform movement has become. While I knew it would not be easy, I didn't know or think it would devolve into even worse bitch slapping than the last go-round. I think the pres has shown himself to waffle a bit, and has allowed what I do believe to be a haphazard opposition to coalesce and make noise. I think the misinformation is bullshit and I believe that change must occur. it has to, for us to move forward in the country toward a greatness we have lost much of. Nothing, no health care system is all perfect, but I wish we could get our heads out of our asses and see that we're a bit broken healthcare-wise, and will keep getting broken. Why do we fear so much not just change, but investigation of our history and errors? What the hell is so scary? It's not like the Cubans are gonna invade with universal healthcare.

What bothers me a lot is just that-- we're ignorant sonsabitches, god love us, and sometimes we have a real hard time admitting we aren't number one all the time. I mean, just look at thhe upcoming world cup! The world don't revolve around us solely anymore-- and seems trying to cope with healthcare reform could help us really change so that we understand we're a global community, in a literal sense. Why not admit medicine is broken, at least a lot of the administrative side, and work on it with sleeves rolled up? That is, after all, the American way.

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